Normal Service

Full Body Massage

£75 / 1.5h

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

£60 / 1h

Therapeutic/ Holistic Massage

£50 / 1h

Relaxation Massage

£50 / 1h

Special Service

Holistic after stroke

£75 / 1.5h

Holistic neurological problems

£75 / 1.5h

Sports Massage

£60 / 1h
Home Visit

Do you suffer from:

  • Bad back, neck & joints
  • Poor posture
  • Headaches or sciatica
  • Stress or muscle tension
  • Pins and needles

Don't suffer any longer. Call now on 07983630393 or e-mail and book a home visit, allow to help relieve your pain and live healthier and happier life.

Customer Testimonials:

I have had a serious knee injury since my teens after a football injury and have been having it treated by Chris for around 2 years now. He gives me some of the best sports massage I have ever experienced. The specialised treatment from Kozak helps me play football more often which I'm delighted about. After games my knee tends to flair up and he knows exactly how to massage it along with other niggling injuries too. Best bit for me is that he comes to my home so it's a lot less hassle.
Jason Gayle

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