massage techniques

Available massage techniques:

Therapeutic massage

A therapeutic massage is a type of treatment used for a broad range of common aches and pains. Managing to relieve pain and relax the mind, I adopt an extensive range of specialist techniques including stroking, kneading, tapotement, vibration and much more to promote a greater state of relaxation and to ease muscular tension in relation to your specific injury.

Deep tissue massage

Clients who undertake deep tissue massages do so in order to eliminate pain established from common problems such as general fatigue, muscle tension, neck pain, back pain, repetitive strain injuries, general minor aches and more.

Deep tissue massages concentrates on deeply situated muscles, allowing them to regain their elasticity by attending to painful muscle knots. This allows toxins to be released, enhancing the flow of blood and oxygen around the body.

The source of your pain is treated by identifying specific pressure points and stretches according to your type of injury.

Chronic muscle pain, which can develop adhesions, can especially benefit from such treatments. I use a variety of industry known techniques to perfection, penetrating the deep tissue in order to eradicate such adhesions. Ultimately this can restore your mobility and efficiently diminish pain.


Relaxation Massage

Relaxation is the most significant aspect of any massage. A specialised relaxation massage focuses on relieving any type stress that you may experience from daily life. I use specific techniques which bring about a state of deep rest, with clients developing more effective natural means on responding to physical and emotional stress.

Your peak state when experiencing this type of massage relaxes all muscles, lowers both blood pressure and stress hormones and lowers the tempo of your breathing and heart rate. Naturally your mind will be at peace, serene and completely free from unrest. A greater sense of well-being is achieved with less burden being placed on your mind and body.

My expert relaxing massage techniques will improve your blood and lymph circulation, which cleanses your body and brings about greater resistance to diseases. As soft tissue is soothed and muscles become more relaxed, chemicals are released which aids the process of circulation. When your body has better circulation, muscle cells receive a greater level of oxygen and nutrients.


Full Body Massage

Receiving a full body massage provides powerful physiological and psychological benefits. Careful attention is paid to the soft tissue and muscles, effectively treating pain and muscle tension. Naturally, your mind will be at ease too, stimulating stress relief. With all muscle tension released from all over the body, a deeper breathing pattern together with a lower heart rate is easily achieved. Endorphins are released as your full body massage starts to take effect, giving you a natural high and feel good factor.

Dead skin cells from around the whole body are removed, consequently improving your skin tone. Blood circulation is enhanced, putting your body in a better state to fight off illness' and diseases as well as providing visible benefits to your skin. Tissue regeneration is also stimulated, helping to scale down the visibility of scars and stretch marks.


Sports Massage

Are you someone who suffers from niggling injuries from physical activity? Then a sports massage is for you. It differs from conventional massage treatments as it will focus on your injuries rather than helping you to relax. A thorough program is created depending on the type of sports and activity take you take part in as well your injuries.

This will allow me to quickly identify the source of your injuries and how to effectively treat them. An essential element of my sports massage program is working on enhancing your athletic performance, now and for the future, no matter what sport you play. All injuries are treated with an aim to ensure that they don't occur again in the future.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Our lymphatic drainage massage is a natural method of improving your overall health and boosting energy levels. If you regularly suffer from colds and flu, are quite inactive, suffer from swelling and puffiness and sluggish skin then this is the perfect massage for you.

It essentially stimulates your body's lymphatic system, helping toxins and wastage to be disposed of more effectively.

Your body's immune system is decisively improved and metabolism is increased. A noticeable positive effect on the skin will be noticed. Natural rejuvenation to your skin is provided through this specific massage clearing blockages, getting rid of toxins and giving a clearer passage for nutritions to travel more freely to cells.


Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage is one of my most popular type of treatments that I provide to my client's. I personalise all treatments of this type so that your specific needs are dealt with to the highest level of satisfaction. This essentially deals with all levels of pain within your muscles, finds the best way to help you achieve a great state of of relaxation and significantly decreases your stress levels.

I use a specialised techniques, including firm kneading, applying circular pressure to your hands and palms and effective bending and stretching according to the areas that need treatment. This type of massage brings about a great deal of relaxation to your whole body. Maximum relaxation is achieved through my specialised technique of rubbing your muscles using long gliding strokes, done so in the direction of blood travelling towards the heart. Oxygen levels within blood are greatly increased which helps to eliminate toxins and improve blood circulation.

My long-lasting experience has taught me how to achieve great results through a Swedish Massage. I guarantee that muscle tension will be reduced and that you'll see a noticeable improvement in your mobility through my accomplished techniques


Head and Face Massage

This remarkably relaxing massage is extremely effective for reliving stress as it is applied to areas of the body where levels of stress can affect you the most. This treatment focuses on your neck, upper arms, shoulders, ears, scalp and neck. Applied while you are fully clothed and without the use of oils, it is suitable for clients who are short of time.

My clients reach a state of heavy relaxation and tranquillity when receiving my unique head and face massages. The satisfying release of tension generates peace throughout your mind and body. Stimulating facial micro-circulation together with lymph flow, your skin will look younger and healthier. Skin elasticity is improved with energy points being targeted. Nourishment of your hair and roots is another proven benefit, as is the potential prevention of baldness and hair loss through refreshing treatment to your scalp.


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Chris's work ethic is just brilliant as are his massages. I personally always get the Swedish massage and it's very effective for reliving pain and helping me to relax. He comes to my house and has all the equipment and oils and his work is fantastic. Kozak's service is great value for money and I couldn't recommend him enough!
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