If you're looking for a relaxing massage from home, then I'd definitely recommend Chris. His prices are excellent and he brings all of his equipment to your home and sets everything up. He really focuses on my pressure points throughout my body which puts me into deep relaxation. Highly recommend!
Linda Morris

I had a back injury around 5 years ago and Chris has been treating me ever since. He always gives the best deep tissue massage which really helps my mobility and is just so relaxing. What I like best is that he visits me at home with all the right equipment and is always professional and very courteous. Very satisfied customer here! Will definitely keep using for years to come.
Lloyd White

I have had a serious knee injury since my teens after a football injury and have been having it treated by Chris for around 2 years now. He gives me some of the best sports massage I have ever experienced. The specialised treatment from Kozak helps me play football more often which I'm delighted about. After games my knee tends to flair up and he knows exactly how to massage it along with other niggling injuries too. Best bit for me is that he comes to my home so it's a lot less hassle.
Jason Gayle

Kozak visits me once a month for pain on my lower back. He always provides a great massage and a wonderful service. Always very professional, therapeutic and always sets my mind at ease. Couldn't ask for any more.
Stacey Hamilton

I have been getting weekly massage at my home for 6 months now and it's brilliant. I get the full body massage and Kozak really delivers a fantastic massage, helping me deal with the stress I have to deal with from the physical work I do. I usually ask for special attention to be paid to my shoulders and he really does a great job. I always feel great after. The fact he comes to my house, sets everything up and does the massage here saves me so much time and makes everything so much easier.
Steve Dyer

I read a few reviews about Chris Kozak so I decided to give him a call and was not disappointed. I booked a Swedish massage and he came to my house the next day. He really understood what he doing and his massage techniques really help to ease my muscle cramp and tension. I'm definitely going to make a bulk booking real soon.
Richard Harris

I suffer from a pretty bad back injury which I've had for years. Kozak is one the best massage therapists I have ever used. He comes to my house every weekend and always a very relaxing atmosphere. He brings his own equipment and oils and gives a really good massage. I always go into a deep state of relaxation and my the source of my back pain is well taken of. Always a pleasure to receive one of Kozak's special massages after a hard week of work. I recommend Kozak if you have back pain or just need to get a relaxing massage.
Suzanne Curran

I do a lot of heavy lifting at work and get a lot of muscle strains and aches and pains throughout my body. Kozak's deep tissue massage is second to none and really helps my mobility and pain relief. A great added bonus that he comes and does everything in my front room. I've had 5 massages so far and plan to book plenty more.
John McManaman

Kozak understands the way my body needs to be massaged and does it to perfection. He deals with my neck and back pain very effectively in the hour session I book. Those knots in my back are always gone after Kozak sees me and I'm so much more relaxed. My neck requires specialist treatment because of whiplash that I've suffered from and Kozak always spends a lot of time on it helping to relieve my pain a great deal.
Yasmin Belözoğlu

Just fantastic! I've had 3 massage from home so far and I always incredibly relaxed. Chris kneads out those knots I have in back and neck in a soft and relaxing way, always making me feel comfortable and very gentle. Fantastic prices too! Will see you soon.
Carly Svensson

Chris work ethic is just brilliant as are his massages. I personally always get the Swedish massage and it's very effective for reliving pain and helping me to relax. He comes to my house and has all the equipment and oils and his work is fantastic. Kozak's service is great value for money and I couldn't recommend him enough!
Hazel King

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Full Body Massage

Receiving a full body massage provides powerful physiological and psychological benefits. Careful attention is paid to the soft tissue and muscles, effectively treating pain and muscle tension. Naturally, your mind will be at ease too, stimulating stress relief. With all muscle tension released from all over the body, a deeper breathing pattern together with a lower heart rate is easily achieved. Endorphins are released as your full body massage starts to take effect, giving you a natural high and feel good factor.

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